2019 Wedding Highlights!

Summer is here. The humidity is oppressive, the sun kisses (read: burns) your skin, and all you want when you're five hours deep in an eight hour day is to jump in the nearest body of water. Fountains (even puddles!) start looking appealing for more than just posing near them. You itch to say, "Hey... the perfect shot would actually require me to lay completely in this fountain. Is that okay?"

Weddings in the summer, while seeming longer than most seasons even if they're not, they have something special about them. The sunshine sticks around until nearly 9PM, so suddenly the opportunities for golden hour seem endless. Everyone is just a little more relaxed in the summer when there feels like there's less responsibility in the air. Plus, the scent of barbecue warms any reception hall, be it indoors or out. That's never a bad side to anything.

While not all of these beautiful weddings have been in the summer, they have been in the past six months that got us here. Marking time is a beautiful thing. It moves so quickly, and it's important as a photographer to reflect. Reflection makes us better. And, it may even give some inspiration to future bride and grooms.

So, wonderful people, here are my 2019 Wedding Highlights so far!

These two were so, so sweet. I had never shot at their venue before (The Ranch at Cow Creek, Marble Falls TX.) and it was stunning. So many gorgeous places to shoot at! I could have continued to do their couples portraits for at least another hour.

Not only was the venue gorgeous, but Janil and Sapeera were totally gorgeous. They had such amazing chemistry and they were such amazing sports with posing and every idea I gave them. This wedding has been such a fond one that I've gathered inspiration from many times this year!

Lori and David had their wedding at The Wildflower Barn in Driftwood, Texas! The sun was shining, and it was one of those magical weddings where everything just flowed seamlessly. Of course, it can't go unsaid that it was that way because of their phenomenal wedding planner, Sarah, from Perfectly Uncommon Weddings!

Something from this wedding that had nothing to do with photography totally made my heart swoon. In every client consultation, I want to get to know my clients as much as possible! I asked David what his past was, and he said that he had history being in the Marines and also as a state trooper. Talk about intimidating! Then, during their ceremony their officiant mentioned something about David. He said that when he first saw Lori, his heart stopped. Total love at first sight. To me, that was the sweetest thing and such a testament to their connection with each other.

Jimmy and Tanna had their very intimate ceremony (consisting of them, their officiant, and myself) at The Oasis on Lake Travis. Their history is rich together, knowing each other for over twenty years, living whole lifetimes apart, before tying the knot. Everything about them is the definition of fate.

When I met with Bailee to discuss her and David's wedding, she told me it would be at County Line in Austin. I racked my brain as to why it sounded familiar, and it's a popular barbecue restaurant here in Austin! I was shocked, very curious, and then totally blown away. It was right on the water, and the rain the days previous had made the greenery beyond lush. You can see it in their photos! It was green and rich in color. They couldn't have picked a more perfect venue.

Bailee and David were spectacular at making me feel right at home with them and their family. Their ceremony was held under a beautifully decorated gazebo and with an intimate gathering of their family and friends. You could feel the love!

Hope and Tim had a beautifully intimate ceremony at Chapel Dulcinea in Dripping Springs! It was stunning. At first, I was worried because of the time of the ceremony and what the lighting would be like the photos afterwards. It didn't turn out to be a problem at all! The clouds made for these beautifully dramatic and scenic photos that looked gorgeous. I delivered more black and white images in this gallery than normal because it was just that stunning with the contrast! Along with that, shooting in the chapel was stunning because it was like there was a big golden reflector under everyone when the sun came out!

Their ceremony was beautiful. It was quiet, quick, and personal in a way that only their officiant, Linda, can do. And, to make matters sweeter, since they were blending families together, they decided to include their children in part of the ceremony. It was very sweet.

I'd also like to personally thank Mother Nature for the strong winds that were consistent throughout the day. It was needed. I'd send her a box of chocolates if I could.

Thank you for reading all about the highlights of 2019 so far! Only more to come. I'm lucky with my bride and grooms, ya'll, they're all perfect. I can't thank them enough for being so kind, and feeding me!

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Until next time! Spread love.

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