Session Highlights: Charleigh and Wyatt

I've known the Squires family for the better part of... four years? Possibly five? They have graciously used me for many family sessions, mini sessions, and even a cake smash or two. They're the best, not just as clients but also as friends.

And they have some mega cute kids, Charleigh and Wyatt, who were kind enough to model for me for my recent promo for Watermelon & Ice Cream Mini Sessions!

Find out more info about those here!

These are some of my favorites from our session.

A funny little behind-the-scenes tidbit, Charleigh doesn't like watermelon. She was a champ though at staring it down, holding it, feeding it to her brother, and playing pretend. My hat is off to this little one.

After we were through with the watermelon, the sun had set just a bit to give the most beautiful golden glow and we started on the big one. Ice cream with sprinkles. To say these kids were waiting on the edge of their seats is an understatement.

This is one of my favorites from the session. It may not be crazy, or action packed, but the light is stunning (if I do say so myself) and the slight look of confusion on Wyatt's face is precious. Charleigh went in on her ice cream immediately. Wyatt pondered.

Wyatt got over sitting on the set up pretty quick and found the back porch to be much more comfortable. The lighting was great, so I found it to be comfortable as well. He's just a dude being a dude, eating ice cream, living his best life.

Ending on my favorite photo! It may not be on the set up, or posed perfectly, or just perfect in general from a "styled mini session" stand point. But, it's homey and it's personal, They're just kids eating ice cream cones on their back porch during a summer that will end too soon. It's adorable. I'm not crying, you're crying.

Thanks for reading, and again a huge thank you to the Squires family! Hugs hugs hugs.

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