Summer 2019 Highlights

It's Fall. The almanac may not say it, the calendar may not say it, but it's Fall. I just got two Dia De Los Muertos mugs at H-E-B and my nails are painted orange. It's fall, y'all.

With all of those useless facts being said, I wanted to celebrate the amazing past couple of months! Summer is a season that feels like freedom for a ton of people. It feels like sweltering hell for a ton as well, but this summer I was able to appreciate summer for more of the former. A time for shorts, tan legs, a bit of sweat, and a whole lot of ice cream. There's been one last wedding, families, kiddos, couples, and even a few road trips!

Here's a few of my favorites from a few of my favorite sessions, and maybe an anecdote or two. Enjoy!

Galveston, 2019.

My brother took me on an impromptu trip to the coast for a gig of his and I got some pretty neat pictures out of it! We didn't stay long, but it was our first experience at a beach that wasn't during a tropical depression, so it was a major win.

Nick and Cori

Charleigh and Wyatt

Just... listen, just try to tell me these kids aren't precious. I dare you. They're so stinkin' precious.

Carolyn and Cam

I'll be shooting Carolyn and Cam's wedding this November on Cam's family ranch in Burnet. They'll be getting married on a beautiful hilltop overlooking the hill country. And, get this, the sun will be setting behind them during their ceremony! I mean... talk about a photographers dream, right!? Their session was such an amazing time and I can't wait to work with them again!

Levi and Luke

Molly, Levi and Luke's mom, was the one who inspired me to start doing bubble mini sessions! She brought out the bubble machine during our session and it blew me away! These photos speak for themselves as to why. Needless to say, I am very thankful to Molly!

Grimes / Hulver Wedding

My last wedding of the summer! This wedding was full of love and beauty. From the time Karin and I had our consultation, I knew their wedding would be so much fun. It was at a beautiful venue I had never been to before, Celebrino Events Center, and it was perfection. They had a live band take over the second half of their reception, and as I was walking out the door is when they started dancing the night away. Beautiful!

Davis McLaughin

The Taylor Family

Quinn Mudrak

Can you believe that all of that was just little parts of the summer? How is it already September and I'm dusting off my jean jackets? I have no idea but it makes me very happy.

If you had a sweaty summer session with me, I appreciate you immensely. We all endured this heat together and we made some beautiful photos out of it all.

Happy Fall, y'all! Spread love.

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