Who on earth is Ellie Chavez?

Hi there! I'm Ellie Chavez.

I picked up a camera for the first time creatively about ten years ago, but have been professionally shooting for six years. Firstly starting with portraiture, fine art, and most recently, weddings.


 Now, this part of my bio would normally be the part where I would go in to "how I found photography", or a story about getting my first camera. I don't think people care about that, so I won't bore you with the details.


But I will tell you what's important about me as a photographer.

 On this website, you'll find a lot about storytelling.  It is, at the core, why I am a photographer. After a year or so of debating this with only myself, it's what I've come to the conclusion of. I will only be happy with myself as a photographer if I stay true to that.

I am in love with storytelling. It's the greatest muse of my life. I'm in love with connecting with people for incredibly short moments of our lives, then giving them pictures that shows them at their core. But before that, I'm in love with making people feel comfortable, so they can feel beautiful, and radiate that through their photos.

Now, who is Ellie Chavez as a photographer?

Gentle is the first word that comes to mind.


Laid-back is the second. In our space of a photoshoot, my goal is to make everything as seamless as possible. I shoot fast, but not faster than you’re comfortable with.  

At the end of the shoot, I want you to walk away and breathe a sigh of relief and go, “That was easy.”

If you want to come prepared with a list of poses you fell in love with or want to recreate in my style, that is absolutely fine. If you want me to come up with all the ideas and poses, that is also absolutely fine.

My point is this,

this is our collaboration together. You’re subjects in this art piece, and it’s ultimately up to you how you’d like to be portrayed. If you want to hand the creative freedom to me, please do! It’s what I’m here for. First and foremost, however, is to make this experience fun, carefree, and easy for you. That environment makes the best photos, bar none.

Serving Austin, TX and surrounding areas.